You are legally required to have car insurance. There are three levels to choose from and, oddly enough, the best protection – fully comprehensive – is often the cheapest. It’s also worth knowing how the no claims bonus works and how to get excess levels directly on the policy. What car insurance should I get?

Third party – the minimum you can legally have

Third party liability insurance covers other people (third parties) but not you.

if you hurt or destroy someone’s property, they are covered by insurance, but if your car is damaged or stolen, you have to pay for the loss yourself.

Don’t assume it’s the cheapest. Amazingly, sometimes you can get more insurance for less money, so always check.

Is that OK with you? Perhaps, if you can not get comprehensive insurance at decent prices.

Usually this happens:

  • you have no bonus without claims
  • you live in an area that is considered to be at high risk of crime and other threats, or
  • your car is worth less than £ 1,000 and you can afford to buy another car in the event of an accident.

Collision protection

Regardless of whether the children are screaming in the back seat that you are braking a second too late or black ice that turns the sedan into a slip. . . accidents happen. The good news is that no matter who is to blame, collision insurance pays to repair or replace a car in the event of an accident with another vehicle, object or even you.

You may be wondering, but what about third party liability insurance – would this not include damage to my car? 

Answer: Only if the other driver is at fault and has sufficient liability insurance to cover the damage. That is why almost 70% of drivers decide to buy protection in the event of a collision.

What car insurance should I get?

Who should buy car insurance for uninsured drivers?

If you have your own health insurance and you have collision insurance, you may be able to bypass uninsured driver insurance if your condition allows.

It is a good idea to keep uninsured driver insurance if you can afford it, as it can minimize financial losses due to deductions and insurance limits.

Your condition may require you to take out uninsured drivers’ injury insurance, which pays hospital bills if you are hit by an uninsured driver. Your condition may only require that you be offered this insurance, but will allow you to decline it.

Fire and theft of third parties

Fires and thefts of third parties (sometimes called third party property, fire and theft) cover exactly the same incidents as third party property insurance, and vehicle damage caused by fire or theft.

It does not protect you against other weather events, such as floods or landslides, and especially does not cover you if the damage to your car is caused by a fire that you started (a scam).

Costs are slightly more expensive than third party property insurance and in most cases range from 300 to 700 USD.



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