Auto insurance offers vary considerably depending on individual assessment factors. Zebra’s licensed insurance expert team provided numbers using a complex user profile and collected rates from top insurance companies to compile this data. Review the data below to see how age, gender, location and type of vehicle affect your car insurance premiums. How much auto insurance?

How much does car insurance cost in my condition?

Place of residence can have a huge impact on auto insurance rates, because each state has different rules for auto insurance. Average prices in the most expensive states are three to four times higher than in the cheapest.

How much insurance do you have? 

Our analysis shows that full car insurance is more than double the price of the minimum insurance. Here is what our analysis of insurance for 2020 shows. For drivers with good credit and without recent accidents:

  • Maine is the cheapest state for full car insurance with an average annual rate of $ 916, followed by Idaho and Virginia.
  • Louisiana is the most expensive state for full car insurance, averaging $ 2,971 a year, followed by Florida and Michigan.
  • Iowa is the cheapest state in terms of minimum insurance required, with an average annual car insurance rate of $ 309, followed by South Dakota and Vermont.
  • With the minimum coverage required, Michigan is the most expensive state, averaging $ 1285 a year, followed by Florida and Louisiana.
How much auto insurance?

What factors affect the cost of car insurance?

There are many factors that affect the total cost of car insurance, including:

  • Basic demographics
  • The car you drive
  • Your driving history
  • Your credit score
  • Your driving habits
  • Selected scope of insurance
  • Type of insurance selected

Which insurance companies have the best rates?

In our study of the best insurance companies, USAA was the cheapest for our average driver profile. For drivers who do not qualify for USAA, GEICO came second. Remember that this individual profile will probably not match yours exactly. The best way to find a budget-friendly rate is to look for offers before the end of each policy period. 

How much does car insurance cost for a young driver aged 20?

On average, drivers between the ages of 20 and 29 pay $ 1989 per year for car insurance. It’s $ 995 for a six-month policy or $ 166 a month. Twenty-year-old young drivers paid almost 30% more than the national average.

The price of auto insurance will probably continue to rise in the future. However, there are many things you can do to reduce the price



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