If you are considering getting a Disability Lawyer to help you in your social security case, you should first understand the costs and benefits of having a lawyer on your side. Should I get a lawyer for social security disability?

Why should you hire a Disability Officer?

The most important reason to hire a lawyer to help you with your disability is to significantly increase your chances of getting permission. While it is certainly true that some people who claim benefits themselves are approved for benefits, statistics show that nevertheless others are equal, social security is more likely to approve an applicant represented by a legal adviser than one who is is not.

From the first application to the hearing level, disabled lawyers understand how to present the case in the light most favorable to their clients.

How a lawyer can increase your chances

When deciding whether to hire a lawyer or when to hire him, you should first consider how the attorney can increase your chances of confirming your claim. Consider how your disability lawyer was familiar with the application process. After all, a disability lawyer has undergone special training and must undergo continuous training to become familiar with applicable laws and regulations.

These lawyers have gone through this process many times because this is their main legal purpose. They have helped dozens of clients throughout the process, so they understand how the process works and why claims are rejected. They also know what to do to get your application approved and will be able to get your claim the right way.

Should I get a lawyer for social security disability?

How will my lawyer help me prepare for the hearing?

It is not uncommon for lawyers to wait a month or two before hearing a disability to talk to a client first. Until then, the only contact with the law firm can be a legal assistant or administrative assistant. Non-advocate employees are generally responsible for ensuring that the application for a trial date is met and that medical records are required and received, as well as for communication with clients in pre-hearing cases.

Most disability lawyers talk on the phone with their clients, but if you want, you can ask your lawyer to meet you personally. Before a preparatory meeting or telephone conference, your lawyer will review your file and identify the problems to be solved.

How much does it cost?

Most cases cost little or nothing in advance. Lawyers charge fees for any retroactive benefits granted by social security. The fee is limited to 25% of your outstanding benefits, up to a maximum of $ 6,000.

The lawyer will ask you to sign a document that allows Social Security to pay the law firm directly. Most lawyers will only be paid if they win your claim. If you don’t get anything, you owe nothing to the lawyer.



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